There used to be a time where you could have someone to prevent bullying by intimidating potential bullies. However, as technology has advanced further, more and more people have begun to bullying others in the comfort of their own homes. Bullying in the past has had its own cons. There were risks involved. Now, to bully others, there is more of an effect, there is less of a risk. It’s safer to do something online (on Facebook or Myspace) or on a mobile phone than to do it in person. And the rise of technology has made it possible.
There is though, a more positive view towards cyberbullying. There are people who believe that cyberbullying is a cowardly way to hurt others. Others believe that it is just an easy way to bully others and that the bullies themselves have lost skill.
According to a study done by Your TIMES, a panel of student-athletes agreed that cyberbullying has replaced physical bullying to a large degree, especially among girls.

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