A cyberbullied teen from Texas is making the news this week! Dannie McMillan’s bully, who is her high school classmate, went as far as making a whole Twitter account with the sole intent of making fun of Dee (as Dannie is called) on social media.

The cyberbully hurtfully called Dee a “fat whale” on Twitter. Dee used what was meant for bad and turned it to good. She reached out to plus-size model Laura Lee about this issue and came up with the idea to create a t-shirt that supports the cause of saving whales.

Her new t-shirts, available for sale on Booster.com read, “Dee the Fat Whale Saves the Whales.” Laura Lee’s fans and many others supported Dee in her efforts to save the whales and, in doing so, also supported standing up to bullying. At this time, the amount that Dee has raised to save the whales totals $3,380!

What a happy ending to this saddening story of cyberbullying! Consider partnering with Dee and purchasing a t-shirt to help support saving the whales. Do you have a story about cyberbullying that you would like to share with End to Cyberbullying? If so, please fill out this contact form. We want to hear from you!