This year’s Student Advisory Board meeting was held at Montana Wild. Ironically, Montana Wild is where volunteers work to rehabilitate animals and SAB now work to maintain graduation rates. Montana School Superintendent Denise Juneau stated that 32 students, representing 28 schools, had similar stories about cyberbullying. It didn’t matter “whether they are from a small school, a large school, from eastern Montana, or western Montana, just being a young person in a public school, they have common experiences (with cyber-bullying).”
One of the most prominent cyberbullying problems, Facebook confession pages, first appeared at the University of Wyoming. It has then spread through high schools. In Missoula, at Sentinel High School, there was a confession page that had nearly 1,800 likes and dozens of posts. In addition, there were many instances of vulgar statements about untruthul affairs and personal attacks.
The SAB is trying to fix the problem from the root. Any size of injury to a young adult could have a detrimental effect on their educational development.

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