Although the government has taken action recently to address the issue of cyberbullying, it is impractical to completely eradicate cyberbullying. The Madison Street Academy of Visual and Performing Arts has taken matters into its own hands by implementing a new code of conduct in a renewed effort to prohibit cyberbullying.

The Student Board decided to update the 2014-15 code by specifically addressing cyberbullying by giving school administrators more direction on this matter.

“The statute makes it easier to issue consequences to situations in the community that spill over into our schools,” noted Mark Vianello, executive director of student services. Vianello believes that awareness of consequences will deter extensive online bullying.

Essentially, the policy clarifies the meaning of cyberbullying as any “means bullying through the use of any electronic communication.” A student would be in violation of this policy if the online attack can be considered a “dehumanizing gesture” that may “create an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment.”

In addition, the new school code outlines the punishment that may result from the bullying. First time offenders could range from a warning to a 10-day suspension. Students caught for the second time must sign an anti-bullying contract. They may receive another suspension or be placed in an alternative school. The third offense would mean that the student has violated the anti-bullying contract, and the perpetrator would be sent to an alternative school.

With the definite rise in cyberbullying among students around the globe, it is evident that the Madison Street Academy of Visual and Performing Arts is taking forward steps to protecting the students of the school and the future of the nation.