According to, there are many steps one should take before reporting cyberbullying.

– Do not respond to or partake in cyberbullying.

– Record the evidence of cyberbullying – that includes dates, times, and contents of the messages. Do not delete any texts, emails, and instant messages. This is what you will use to report cyberbullying.

– Block the instigator after you record the evidence.

Reporting Cyberbullying: Online Service Providers

– Review the terms and conditions sections of your internet service providers or online social networking sites’ terms of service.

– Report cyberbullying so that they can take action against the instigator’s abusing of the terms of service.

Reporting Cyberbullying: Local Law Enforcement

– For one to be able to report to a law enforcement, the activities must be considered a crime. Review your state or local legislation to see against cyberbullying or bullying. Threats of violence, child pornography and stalking are some activities that are considered crimes.

 Reporting Cyberbullying: Schools

– Many schools have policies against bullying in general and the school will take adequate steps to ensure a safe learning environment for all. Report cyberbullying to a trusted teacher or an administrator.


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