In efforts to raise awareness, the End to Cyber Bullying Organization is inviting members of the community to come out and promote their cause of, well, ending cyber bullying.

On April 28th, a team of ETCB youth leaders is organizing a bullying awareness video by having a large crowd of performers and participants rock out to “Party Shuffle.” Kaitlin Monte, Miss New York 2011, has decided to collaborate with the organization for this event as well as for future events. She, too, is working towards terminating cyber bullying once and for all.

Monte posted on her Facebook page, “Excited to be partnering up with ETCB (End to Cyber Bullying) Organization!! A worldwide youth movement to end online aggression. Met their core team and so impressed with them, can’t wait to begin collaborating!!”

The goal of this gathering is to get a short video clip of a large group party shuffling as a symbol to fight against negative attitudes among our society and instead, instill a positive spirit.

Performers and participants will be filmed traveling from pizza parlors to post offices, and anywhere in between “party rocking” in pursuit of reaching as many different people as possible with their message.


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