Paris Jackson has recently attempted to commit suicide. Michael Jackson’s only daughter was hospitalized for the remainder of the 72 hour psychiatric evaluation. From this evaluation, doctors and other officials discovered that it was the bullying that occurred online and Paris’s sense of loneliness that caused her to cut her wrist with a kitchen knife and to take 20 Motrin pills at 1:27 AM on Wed, June 5th.
Officials say that the stress that caused her to attempt at suicide came from both the testimonials that she had to give about the death of her father and the cyberbullying that followed her every tweet. “She reads it all and it upsets her. She is a hard shell with a soft center,” an unknown source says.“She makes out that she’s got it all under control but underneath she is hurting because of all these cyberbullies.” One of her tweets said, “I wanna be a fishie,” and was accompanied by an image of her underwater, and was brutally attacked by a troll on Twitter, who said “Die… lesbian.”
The Twitter war escalated, with insults like: “you’re such a bully. That’s why your dad is dead,” “ugly b*tch,” and “your dad touched little boys.”
One comment that accompanied one of Paris’s tweets saying she would miss a group of teenagers said in response to her tweet that “MJ is a sex offender lol.”
Paris Jackson will probably stay in the hospital for another week, if not more, and when she is released, will be sent to her mother’s home northeast of Los Angeles.

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