In recent years, cyber crime − a crime committed through the use of technology such as a computer or cell phone − has led to a disturbing number of tragedies, including an alarmingly high amount of teen suicides, sexual assaults and kidnappings. The Cyber Bullying Research Center reports that over 80% of teenagers use their cell phone every single day and nearly 25% of them have been the victims of bullying or sexual solicitations via this same technology.

In response to this growing epidemic of crimes against children, Atlanta-based advertising agency Legacy Worldwide is backing a brand new product called the SmartShepherd ™ designed to give parents complete, undetected access to their children’s cell phone activity. The standard SmartShepherd Lite application will allow parents to receive alerts with full copies of their child’s email and text messaging content, as well as call logs and tags to their physical location. With an upgrade to the smart SmartShepherd Live version, parents can also listen to their child’s phone conversations and surroundings using the remote microphone activation capabilities.

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