A recent study conducted by the National University of Maynooth in Ireland reveals that school girls are more likely to suffer from the effects of cyber bullying than boys. The bullies are most likely to be girls in the same year but in a different class to their victim. The study was released after the suicides of three young girls were linked to online bullying.

Researchers say that victims are more likely to be bullied by a single female or small group of females and the anonymity of cyber bullying is extremely dangerous. The study covered four categories of cyber bullying: text, picture or video clip, phone calls, and emails. It found that the most common form was phone calls and text messages.

Teenagers who took part in the study felt that all forms of cyber bullying other than bullying over email was worse than traditional bullying, with phone calls and the use of pictures or video being regarded as the most feared. According to the teenagers, cyber bullying was seen as worse than traditional bullying because there was no escape from it. They also said that cyber bullying could be seen by more people and is unlikely to be noticed by an adult.

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