Most parents are concerned about what happens to their children online, but a Massapequa High School student has come up with evidence that many parents don’t know their teens are being bullied on the Internet. Angela Williams, an MHS senior, looked into the problem of cyber bullying as part of a project to earn the Girl Scout’s top honor, the Gold Award. After spending more than 100 hours on the project, Angela organized a program entitled, “Cyber Bullying: the Ugly Side of Technology.”

Angela put together a panel of experts from the legal, educational, and social work world. She also presented data she collected from more than 600 parents and students, finding that while 42.6 percent of students surveyed believe they’ve been cyber bullied, only 24.2 percent of parents surveyed knew that their children were being bullied online.

“There are a lot of untold stories and more kids that are affected than people realize,”   Angela told those who came to the forum.  “I recently spoke with middle schoolers in a neighboring district and was shocked to see how many of them shared stories about being bullied. One even attempted suicide.”

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