June is Internet Safety Month so it’s a great time to talk to your kids about online safety. Faced with the potential for greater online activity now as the school year ends and summer begins, it is crucial for parents to understand how and with whom their children are communicating on social networking sites.

Private social networks can provide the needed training ground for kids to learn about safe, acceptable online behavior and are emerging in popularity as consumers seek to protect their privacy. Popular social networks–even with privacy settings in place–offer no guarantee that content shared is truly private. For example, a photo that is shared with an approved “friend” can be easily saved by this friend and then shared within and outside their network.

Family iBoard is a new private family social network designed specifically for families to help share photos, family members’ contact information, stories and video safely, as well as create and store family histories. In the Family iBoard all content is encrypted and decrypted on the fly, viewable only within the Family iBoard.

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