A 15-year-old high school student was terrorized and harassed by a former classmate who warned her to “sleep with her eyes open” and said she dulled her knives “so when I stab you in the face, gut, and legs, it’ll be as painful as possible.” Alexis Henkel, a sophomore at Orono High School in Veazie, Maine, was victimized by the alleged 16-year-old cyber bully because the teen thought she was flirting with her boyfriend, police said. Henkel, along with her family, has spoken publicly about the harassment in hopes of raising awareness about its severity.

Veazie police Sgt. Keith Emery said that the messages posted on Henkel’s Tumblr blog at the beginning of the school year were some of the worst and most vulgar he’s seen. He reported that the messages were full of choice words telling the victim that she was ugly and a slut. The alleged bully, who is not being publicly named because she is a minor, confessed to the crimes while speaking with Veazie police. She was given a felony terrorizing charge – rather than a misdemeanor – because the severity of the threats forced the Henkel family to evacuate their homes several times.

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Former Orono High student charged in cyberbullying case; target and family speak out