The CyberBully Hotline from SchoolReach announced today the establishment of the CyberBully Hotline Grant Program. This newly created program for K-12 schools and districts will award $100,000 in grants to support the implementation of an anonymous bullying reporting solution to help schools reduce and prevent bullying and cyber bullying episodes.

The CyberBully Hotline solution provides a two-way communications tool that allows students to instantly and directly send text messages or leave a voice mail anonymously with school officials. In response, those officials can immediately reply, also anonymously, and provide students the support they need to effectively address the offensive bullying act, whether they are witnessing it, or on the receiving end of it.

“With child and teen bullying at all-time highs, schools are being required to implement protocols to curb bullying and online harassment of students to ensure that every child feels safe at school,” said Paul Langhorst, chief marketing officer at SchoolReach. “Yet many schools lack the funding to offer effective anti-bullying programs to address this epidemic problem. Our hope is that these grant dollars will make it more cost-effective and easier to do just that.”

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