Raymond Malinay-Lopez spoke out about his experience with online bullying after a photo of him labeled as someone who has HIV circulated in Facebook early this month. The viral photo, which was uploaded last July 4, had the logo of his school and the AIDS Society of the Philippines. It included a warning that said he “has intentionally been spreading the HIV virus by promiscuous sexual acts.” Turning to the same website where he was victimized, Lopez posted a long status message on Facebook to fight back.

“What a strong accusation. I was so shocked, everyone is calling on my mobile. Hundreds of Facebook messages, phone messages telling me if it’s true. I saw the images and everyone sent me the link,” he said. “No one deserves to have their name slandered over social media in that manner, and such hate speech ought to stop,” he added. To finally clear the issue, Lopez posted a photo of a document from the Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic in Quezon City showing that he does not have HIV.

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