The news that superstar singer Adele had given birth to a health baby boy was greeted with joy around the world, as fans took to the Internet to congratulate the new mom. However, the news also gave cruel Twitter trolls an excuse to attack the singer with death threats, jabs about her weight, and jokes about postpartum depression.

One of the worst tweets leveled at the new mom was from user @PerfFemale, later identified as Vanessa Bieber, who wondered publicly whether the child was “fat and handicapped?” Adding, “Just murder it already lol.” Some fans of Adele did not seem to be laughing out loud, however, and rallied to the singer’s defense. As of Monday, Bieber’s account had been deleted.

Adele is not the first celebrity to receive backlash on the social media site. “X Factor” judge Gary Barlow was also targeted by Twitter trolls following the still birth of his baby daughter.

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