Lenore Zann, a former actress and now a prominent Nova Scotia politician, was considering litigation after a high school student posted a nude picture of her on twitter.

The nude picture was a screen capture from ‘The L Word,’ a Showtime television drama in which Zann starred back in 2008.

At first, Zann tweeted “Luckily the old Lenore Zann got in shape so she can kick some political butt! Please remove this photo.” However, when Nic Scissons, the perpetrator behind the scandal, did not remove the content quickly, Zann argued that Scissons violated the copyright law due to his illegal distribution of image and accused him of cyberbullying. She then reported the image to police and Nova Scotia Cyberscan, a cyberbullying task force she helped to establish in August.

After Zann argued on twitter for hours to no avail, she got Scissons to remove the image after calling his father. Although Scisson’s mother was shocked by her son’s poor decision making skills, she agreed with her son that the actress overreacted when she got the law enforcement involved.

In the end, a police investigation concluded that Scissons did not commit a crime.



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