Hundreds of Calgary women have joined together in an online fight against cyber bullying. The campaign started with a Facebook group after a few women took action on some extremely negative posts on Amanda Todd’s memorial pages. Co-founder Melissa Buck said members of the group are reporting offensive content to Facebook with requests to have the posts taken down.

The group “We Are Against Bullying” encourages people to report offensive posts and pages on Facebook.The group started after one comment prompted Buck to take action. “I emailed someone’s parent and said your daughter is posting that ‘Amanda Todd deserved to die’ and I don’t know if you know what your daughter’s doing,” said Buck. “The mom emailed me back, ‘thank you so much, I need to go have a talk with my daughter.’”

Lindsay Ulsifer, also a founding member in the group, said they want people to be accountable for what they put on the internet. “Our goal isn’t to have everyone fired from their job, our goal is to bring attention that what you’re doing is hurtful. It is wrong. You need to stop.” Ulsifer said they’ve managed to get 10 pages taken down, as well as many offensive posts and pictures.

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