A United Kingdom beauty queen claims she has been targeted by jealous bullies after becoming the victim of an internet hate campaign. Kelly Waite spoke out after being subjected to a tirade of abuse on the popular social networking site Facebook in the hopes of encouraging other victims of bullying to seek support.

The 27-year-old has won various beauty pageants in the last two years and was crowned Miss United Kingdom Tourism 2011 in December. She said the majority of people are supporting her and wishing her all the best for her success. But she added a small number of “jealous girls” have been using Facebook to direct abuse towards her.

“I think it’s totally wrong that people can do that, but I’m in a position where I can stand up to it. There could be a shy person that this is happening to who will not tell anybody about it. I’m hoping if they see my story it will help them and give them the strength to deal with it.”

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