Assemblymember Dennis H. Gabryszak announced the Assembly passed a bill he supported that cracks down on bullying and cyber bullying in public schools. Expanding on the Dignity for All Students Act, the legislation will establish a mandatory reporting system for all incidents of bullying and new training for certain school staff.

Bullying, especially cyber bullying, can happen anywhere, at any time, and its effects on teenagers and young adults are long-lasting. Too many students have dealt with the unfortunate and oftentimes tragic effects of bullying. In today’s day and age, between social networking, the Internet and constant connectivity, there is simply no escaping it. These new guidelines will help put a stop to cyber bullying and provide a safe, secure environment for our children, both in and out of school.

Schools will also be required to establish official guidelines, released annually, for balanced and age-appropriate responses to harassment, bullying or discrimination, with detailed remedies, procedures and instructions on how parents and students can report bullying to school administration.

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