Lauren Goodger gracefully bowed out of her hit show TOWIE a few weeks ago but the British actress has now confessed that the real reason behind her departure is that she could no longer handle the vicious attacks from cyber bullies targeting her weight. Lauren’s battle with keeping the weight off has been well documented in tabloids and online, something that Lauren couldn’t handle. The comments left by readers were particularly nasty, says Lauren.

“I saw horrible pictures of myself on websites and the nasty comments people posted and it got me terribly down. What can I say? I’m insecure…and I need a break. They would poke fun at my weight because they knew it was my weak spot…there have been moments when I have cried.” Lauren, who has been on the show for six seasons, even considered quitting as early as season one. She confessed: “I’ve been tempted to quit loads of times, especially during the first season. I really questioned whether I could stick it out. But I did and I have no regrets.”

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