Why Has Cyberbullying Become a Major Issue?

Cyberbullying is an increasing problem since an increasing number of kids are using and have embraced interactions via computers and cell phones. Two-thirds of youth go online every day to work, keep in touch with friends, play games, learn about celebrities, share their digital creations, and much more.

With the explosion in use of online communication tools, it is no surprise that some kids decided to misuse the technology to be malicious or menacing towards others. The fact that teens are connected to technology 24 by 7 means that they are susceptible to victimization (as well as become bullies towards others) around the clock. Apart from a measure of anonymity, it is easier to be hateful when using typed words rather than spoken words. And because some adults have been slow to respond to cyberbullying, many cyberbullies feel that there are little to no consequences to their actions.

Cyberbullying crosses all geographic boundaries with the spread of the Internet. The spread of the Internet was to have a positive impact on the world, so more people can stay connected and life could be easier. But some kids feel free to post or send whatever they want while online without considering the effects it may have on the other person, his/her family and his/her friends.

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