Yesterday, the popular Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice, famous for her role in “Victorious,” gave an interview with Huffington Post Teen. Her interview covered various subjects from fashion inspiration to her own experiences with cyber bullying.

At one point of the interview, Victoria Justice was asked a question about her upcoming movie, “Outskirts,” which is about a bullied teen who fights back. The question read: “What was it like for you to play someone who was bullied in high school? Were you able to channel pieces from your own high school experience or was it a completely new role for you?”

Her answer was as surprising as it was candid. She responded,”I do deal with cyberbullying online to a large extent because I put myself out there on social media. The demographic I deal with is younger and they are easily influenced by things that aren’t necessarily true. They also hide behind anonymity and find it a lot easier to say things online than they would never say to your face.”

She added on to the response, commenting how cyber bullying has become part of our culture, and how there is a need for stricter guidelines online and bigger awareness of this issue. “The same way that we have no tolerance in schools for bullying; that’s the same policy we should adopt online,” she wrote.

You can read her full interview HERE.