Western Valley, a Phoenix school in the Fowler Elementary School District, was one of 20 Arizona schools to receive $5,000 each from the School Challenge grant. It is the only school that received funding to implement an anti-cyber bullying program to train 750 students to be responsible and respectful with internet resources.

The foundation and the University of Phoenix pledged $100,000 to improve state schools in need this year. About 700 schools submitted a 500-word essay describing challenges or needs they faced and why they should receive the funding. Western Valley students helped compose their school’s essay.

On Feb. 3, the district created an anti-bullying day. Teachers gave students activities that taught about the difference between bullying and being bothered, incident-reporting resources and school policies. The district also has signs posted on gates, windows and in classrooms encouraging students to report any bullying.

Western Valley Middle School, Arizona Diamondbacks, cyberbullying

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