The Bullying Academy, a web-based interactive program designed to help 4th-8th grade students recognize the dangers associated with bullying and cyber bullying, is launching a campaign aimed at schools in Palm Beach County. The Bullying Academy has been used successfully in over 1,000 schools nationwide and it has become the leading online educational resource for schools to teach kids about bullying and cyber bullying.

With The Bullying Academy, students learn characteristics and risk factors common to bullies, what bullies look for in targets, how to recognize the effects of bullying on victims and bullies, how to properly respond to and report bullying, and how to avoid violence while standing up for each other.

All materials are grade appropriate. A pre- and post-quiz component measures how much students learn after completing the program. Students receive a certificate which varies depending on their score, and are provided with data reports of how well they performed in certain categories of questioning such as recognizing consequences of bullying or developing effective communication.

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