A 16-year-old student from Bright in north east Victoria is one of ten winners of an Australian anti-cyber bullying film competition. Grace Griffith is thrilled with the win and says she wanted to catch people’s attention with her entry Your ears and eyes aren’t painted on. llustrating the maxim “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” she painted eyes on top of her closed eyelids and ears on top of the hands covering her actual ears. The following words appear at the end of the video: “Stop pretending . . . your eyes and ears aren’t painted on and your lips aren’t sewn together; speak up if someone you know is being cyberbullied . . . because no one wants to be a bystander.”

“The purpose of the video was to inform people and to get the message out that it is not okay to cyber bully and equally not okay to stand back and watch it and let it happen,” said Griffith. “I haven’t been a victim of cyber bullying but I have been a victim of bullying. Doing the video did bring quite a lot of those emotions back so it was quite an emotional journey for me to do it.”

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