A teenage boy from East Missoula, Montana was chased down and beaten with a baseball bat in retaliation for cyber bullying. Investigators said the boy was attacked by five high school-aged teenagers, after they suspected that he posted derogatory comments about a girl on Facebook. “That led to her and a group of her friends encountering him at the baseball fields at the old, closed Mount Jumbo School. They chased him into the dugout and assaulted him,” says Lieutenant Dave Conway of the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office.

“Social media outlets aren’t exactly the bathroom wall of 20 years ago. Now when you post things on social media outlets, even though it may feel like you have anonymity when you’re typing those in, other people are eventually able to figure out who posted that information. And that often times leads into physical violence and physical confrontations and we’re seen a tremendous uptick in those,” said Conway.

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