On June 13th, school and law enforcement officials identified a student at Manchester Regional High School to be the alleged cyberbully who launched a series of vulgar online attacks on other students. The Passaic County Sheriff’s Department plans on filing juvenile delinquency charges against this female student.
There were 9 victims to this relentless online assault and the Sheriff’s Department plans on charging the teens with multiple counts of harassment, though the punishment is usually in the form of rehabilitation over punishment. The sentence could range from counseling, to writing an essay or letter of apology, to probation.
The attacks were in the form of an Instagram page, named “MRHS_FAKES.” On this page, this female student being suspected posted photos of students, which were accompanied by vicious remarks and statements. After several parents went to the police, who in turn went to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office and Sheriff’s Department, investigators, after taking screenshots and obtaining evidence, traced back the page to this one student.

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