Stephanie Pratt, TV star and celebrity, found out that with the prestige and fame comes a downside as well; she has only begun to reveal her victimization in cyberbullying over many years. Now 27, she describes the full details of the atrocious and vicious cyberbullying that she has endured, which put down and crushed her self-esteem for many years. ‘I was picked apart for how I looked, what I wore, and for who I was friends with. It made me very self concious and the worst part was that my self esteem was so low that I believed what all of these strangers said.
The good thing, Pratt realized that it wasn’t her problem that cause these cruel actions. Others were unhappy and were mean as a result of their own unhappiness.
“It’s a daily struggle to not get pulled down by someone’s negative comments, but what I always try to remind myself is that those people that hide behind their computer screens bashing others must not feel good about themselves from the famous words of Thumper, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.’”

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