Two policy changes are being enacted in Solon schools in Cleveland, Ohio that will affect the way the district handles electronic bullying. The first change will broaden the definition of school-related bullying and provide the district with additional measures for addressing bullying outside the classroom. Catching bullies and administering punishment for bad behaviors can be difficult when bullying is conducted outside school premises, but Superintendent Joseph Regano said it is the responsibility of the district to ensure students treat each other with respect, both in and out of the classroom.

The policy comes as a result of House Bill 116, which requires school districts to establish cyber bullying policies. As a branch of this legislation, the district is also tying its student abuse and neglect policy in with its policy pertaining to bullying and other forms of aggressive behavior. Regano said abuse and neglect can also be forms of bullying, and all school district personnel will be trained in these areas.

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