A UK headteacher has taken the unusual step of contacting police after noticing cyber bullying on a Latvian social networking website. Stephen Box contacted Thames Valley Police on Tuesday for help and sent out a warning letter to parents on Wednesday.

The website, ask.fm, allows users to pose and answer questions anonymously but has led to severe bullying among students at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School.  “I have never come across it. It’s new to me. It’s sad to me that some of the children have been hurt by what’s written on it,” said Box. “It’s none of our business what students do in the evenings or at the weekends but when some of our students are affected at school, it is.” Box said the website’s origins made the job of tracing who made the comments difficult for the school and the police.

PC Graham Briggenshaw, safer schools officer, said: “Sites like this one are often used in cyber bullying and I would urge any teenagers who are members to use more traditional social media methods as a way of staying in touch with their friends.”

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