After learning that their teenage daughter was the victim of nasty tweets on Twitter, a San Antonio family is speaking out about their experience with cyber bullying. Instead of staying silent about the issue–as many parents choose to do–Mike and Maya Smith are going public in the hopes that their story will be a wake up call to parents and kids across the nation.

“I felt very victimized by them, and it was just really upsetting and humiliating,” said Regan High School cheerleader Laura Smith, after someone set up an anonymous Twitter account and used it to spread degrading rumors about her. Although Laura was bothered by the vicious online attacks, she was not all that surprised because she has been a target of cyber bullies in the past.

Laura’s father, Mike, says that with the help of investigators, they have been able to trace the harassing Tweets and have identified the owner of the account. Now it is just a matter of taking legal action against this individual.

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