A pregnant 16-year-old school bully who said she would taunt her victim until she died is risking jail by continuing to stalk her and make death threats, a magistrate said yesterday. The Children’s Court heard how the 16-year-old had been spoken to by police in May about stalking and intimidating the 17-year-old victim by driving past her house, following her in the street, and talking about her at school.

On June 27 she posted on Facebook: “I’m going to kill her. F— the restraining order, she’s dead.” The girl pleaded guilty to six charges, including stalking and making threats to kill. The police prosecutor said she had shown a “complete disregard for the victim, the police and the courts.” The court was told another student was also under investigation for violating an order taken out by the same victim. The 17-year-old victim has taken out five court orders against a group of bullies who had repeatedly threatened her in person and on Facebook.

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Pregnant teen faces jail time over Facebook threats