A high school Spanish teacher accused of snooping on her students’ Facebook accounts is fighting to keep her job. Angelica Cruikshank, a district teacher since 2008, is accused of “improperly” gaining access to students’ Facebook accounts in January to determine whether they had made negative comments about her. Cruikshank’s attorney, Melissa Mihok, has not yet had the chance to present her case, but she strongly disputed the district’s version of events. “Ms. Cruikshank never forced anyone to show them their phone,” Mihok said. “She never threatened to take retaliatory action.”

Employee relations supervisor Tom Neesham, who investigated the complaints from students and parents, said he found the students he interviewed consistent in their stories. “In their own words, and all said it differently, the gist of the matter was that their teacher was upset about something she allegedly saw,” Neesham said. “They felt retaliated against . . . belittled, called out by the adult in the room accusing them of slandering her. She let them know she hacked into their private account. . . . They were fearful to return to their class. That’s the problem.”

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