The online eyeglasses seller who terrified customers in the hopes of creating buzz about his Web site, and raising its profile in Google searches, pleaded guilty to two counts of sending threatening communications. Vitaly Borker, who owned and operated out of his home in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn, admitted in court that he had lied to and frightened his customers, suggesting that business pressures explained his behavior.

Mr. Borker achieved instant notoriety in late November after The New York Times published an article in which he discussed his habit of menacing customers who had complained to him about products bought through DecorMyEyes. Using several aliases, he threatened to kill or sexually assault customers, going so far in one instance that he e-mailed an image of the customer’s home and sent warnings like, “P.S. don’t forget that I know where you live.”

According to Borker, who discussed his strategy during an hourlong interview in his home in early November, there was a method to his noxious ways. When irate and frightened customers took to the Internet to describe their ordeal — as dozens did over the years, on sites like get — it would elevate his site’s position in Google searches.

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