According to a new Microsoft Global Youth Online Behavior Survey, 54% of kids said they are worried about being bullied or harassed online, and four in ten kids surveyed have experienced some sort of behavior that could be considered online bullying. Meanwhile, 24% of kids admit to bullying someone online.

The Survey also found only 29% of kids say their parents have talked to them about the subject, and it found that there is not one common step taken by parents to address the problem and only 5% of parents engage with their child’s school about online bullying.

Jacqueline Beauchere, Director of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft Corporation says back in the day, bullying was “confined to the school, it was confined to the playground, but now with the online world, we have a new platform if you will, to extend that bullying into the home – frankly it opens the door to 24 hour meanness – or 24 hour hurt – and it could range from teasing to being called names…and sometimes beyond to online cruelty.”

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