British Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington has sworn off Twitter after unkind messages were posted on the social media site.

“The messages of support are amazing but you do have the chance of someone saying something that is going to be annoying,” Adlington explained. “You don’t want that added stress.”

The freestyle swimmer won two gold medals during the 2008 Olympic Games at just 19 years old. She was the first British swimmer to win more than one gold medal at a single Olympic Games since Henry Taylor won three in 1908.

Despite her achievements, some of her 50,000 Twitter followers have criticized Adlington based on her appearance.

“Even is there are 10 nice comments, you get one idiot,” said Adlington. “Most things that I read about myself are not swimming related. They are to do with how I look, which has nothing to do with my performance in the pool.”

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