A mother and allergy advocate in Vaughan, Ontario has dropped her request to have three oak trees removed from a city park because they are dropping acorns onto the property of a nut-free school, saying she has been the misunderstood target of cyber bullying ever since the story hit the media. Donna Giustizia said she made a deputation before the city council with the full support of the St. Stephen School administration, but was formally withdrawing her request after her plea was blown out of proportion and she was made to appear as an overzealous parent acting alone rather than as chair of her school’s allergy awareness committee doing what was asked of her.

“It is most unfortunate that the media, in reporting the story, chose to sensationalize the news, and has carelessly and cavalierly hurt those who we were trying to protect,” she wrote to council. “On a personal level, the cyber bullying and hate-filled sentiments my family and I have had to endure — because of my simply acting in a voluntary capacity, making a friendly request before my City Council on behalf of small children — is ridiculous.”

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