With the constant growth of technology, mobile apps such as Yik Yak have been sprouting throughout cyberspace. This new social media app works like an anonymous version of Twitter, and it has been gaining users from college campuses and high schools alike.

The main issue concerning this app is its potential to be used to issue threats and cyberbully students. Parents and educators have raised concerns that younger kids are active on the service, despite the app’s initial intentions to be used on college campuses.

Recently, Fairfield Public Schools in Connecticut have warned parents that Yik Yak was “creating opportunities for mean-spirited, bullying behavior” at some of its schools. They stated that “upon researching this we have learned that Yik Yak has been causing many issues at middle schools, high schools, and colleges around the country. The issues range from bullying behavior, racial harassment, sexual harassment, to bomb threats and threats of physical violence.”

These claims have not been without clear evidence. In California, a 17 year old high school student was charged with three felony counts after making a threat that a shooting would occur at two local high schools. Furthermore, in Mobile, Ala., two high school students were charged with making terrorist threats after using Yik Yak to announce shootings at high schools.

Although the creators of Yik Yak have taken measures to reduce the amount of bullying, the dangers of the app remain a real possibility. Please use proper precautions when using this app and follow its user guidelines.