The threats of cyber bullying and online predators  on social networks have made keeping an eye on kids a 24/7 operation for parents. A new Teen Internet Behavior Study by cyber security firm McAfee reveals a disparity between what kids are up to online, and what their parents know about it. The study found that only one in 10 parents is aware of their teens being targeted by cyber bullies and 29% of parents feel so overwhelmed by the complexity of the Internet, they give up on getting involved in their kids’ Internet use. Also three in four parents think having just one conversation with their kids about Internet safety is enough.

McAfee recommends that parents have an ongoing conversation with kids about their safety online, starting well before they reach their teen years. “As the kids get older, and as they prove their responsibility, you start to ease up on the level of control, just like you do every other aspect of parenting,” says Michelle Dennedy, chief privacy officer at McAfee. “This is a wake-up call for parents. Don’t let there be a digital divide.”

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