The days when a child’s home was a refuge from bullies are, unfortunately, long gone. The Internet is the new playground, and there are no off-hours. This is what Detective Peter Badalucco, of the Nassau County Police, told parents gathered at Lynbrook High School for a town hall meeting on cyber bullying. The purpose of the forum was to educate the public about ways to prevent harassment online.

Dr. Burak noted that children growing up in today’s world are able to communicate with people across the country and around the world with the click of a button. While there are many benefits to emerging technologies that improve students’ access to online communications, parents need to keep an eye on how their children are using the Internet.

“We were once again frightfully reminded by the Newtown tragedy how external forces sometimes pose great threats to our children,” Dr. Burak said. “We try to shelter our kids from these dangers and educate them so they are better equipped for whatever comes their way, but the world of today is not the same world that many of us grew up in. The Internet has played a great role in changing that world.”

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