New Research by a Michigan State University criminologist Thomas Holt has revealed that cyberbullying is not just a problem for the upper and middle class Americans.

“We found neighborhood conditions that are indicative of poverty and crime are a significant predictor for bullying – not only for physical and verbal bullying, but cyberbullying as well,” said Holt. “This is a very unique and somewhat surprising finding.”

The study surveyed nearly 2,000 middle and high school students, and found that living in poor, crime-plagued neighborhoods was a significant predictor of physical, verbal, and online bulling.

Holt said that more discussions in school about bullying prevention in real and cyber world could help reduce the risk in low-income communities, and more stress should be placed in specific public campaign against cyberbullying. “Such a message is vital to ensure all forms of bullying are given equal emphasis,” he said.