The family of a Lewiston teen who almost died in a fight is speaking out about cyber bullying. Dax Catalano is recovering from a skull fracture and a blood clot in his brain. According to the Lewiston Police website, nineteen year-old Jacob Estes continued to beat Catalano after he stopped defending himself. Police say he then kicked Catalano in the head and fractured his skull. Estes was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Catalano says Estes had been threatening him on Facebook, but he didn’t take the threats seriously. His parents want to warn other parents to monitor kids’ activity on Facebook.

“Even if you can’t get your kids to give you their password be their friend,” Maureen Catalano said. “That’s the only way I found out from Dax is because my husband is a friend of Dax on his page. So you’re able to monitor that way if you’re not able to monitor their page. At least be their friend and be aware of who is on their page.

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