At the Fulton City School District board of education’s regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Superintendent William Lynch will be presenting new additions to the district’s existing code of conduct specifically addressing cyber bullying. The school board will consider the changes, which would go into effect in September, for the 2012-13 school year.

One of the revisions defines cyber bullying as a form of harassment that involves misusing technology to tease, intimidate, threaten or terrorize another student or staff member. According to the updated policy, examples include posting derogatory emails, instant messages or notes on websites that could potentially lead to emotional or physical harm and/or would interfere with a student’s educational performance and other benefits of the educational process.

Lynch said students who feel they are being cyber bullied should print or save the communications and bring them to their school’s attention so the parents of all parties can be made aware of the situation, which also allows the district to provide the information to school resource officers if the behavior stretches too far from campus.

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