There seems to me a flagrant motif of abuse within the realm of social media. The specific target in this instance was international pop-sensation Lady Gaga. Followers of whom sought to belittle and defame her image by posting erroneous pictures on Twitter claiming she had gained an excessive amount of weight, but to no avail. While Lady Gaga does have a history of anorexia and bulimia, she was not phased by these blatantly inaccurate insinuations. In fact, Lady Gaga decided to repay the compliment and completely invalidate their incessant claims by posting real pictures of herself in nothing more than a bra and panties- looking slender and completely comfortable with her own body.

This act symbolized more than just an unveiling of the truth. It represented a sense of resilience and openness about Lady Gaga. She showed that she would not be crippled by malicious accusations and she is willing to be completely open about her former condition to  passionately champion this cause. She founded the Born This Way Foundation  to “inspire bravery” and  lend a hand to those who suffer.

Lady  Gaga has taken bold strides in evoking tolerance and acceptance. She is a strong woman of the people who will not cower in the face of these vindictive efforts. She will fight for herself and everyone else… Of course in this rather “Lady-esque fashion”

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