A new site called Panama City’s Trashiest is the focus of investigators in Florida’s Bay County area. The page was activated on March 26th and was filled with derogatory comments about a number of people, mostly local teenagers, detailing their supposed activities. It is full of graphic and vulgar language, and according to many of the victims and their parents, it is also full of lies.

The sheriff’s office has issued subpoenas to Facebook for IP addresses to help them pinpoint where the posts have been coming from. Although the posts seem to have stopped abruptly this week, local legal experts say that the individuals behind the cyber harassment could still face criminal charges. A cyber stalking conviction carries up to a five year prison sentence and up to 5,000 dollars in fines.

Lincherria Barnes, whose daughter was attacked on the site, said to reporters, “So it’s time that as a parents we take ownership, we pay attention to what our kids doing, and stop putting the responsibility on society. The freedoms are taken for granted you know and you talk about children being bullied and low self esteem, but then we allow for things like this to go on.”

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