Concerned about the increase in the number of suicides among young people, experts are suggesting that the news media and the general public stop using the term “bullycide.” Bullying should never be explained as the sole cause of suicide. Suicide can be a result of a person being depressed, feeling isolated or alone, facing rejection, or experiencing anxiety. The majority of those facing bullying do not even contemplate suicide. Bullying may be one risk factor in a young person’s life leading to this type of severe depression, but suicide is the culmination of multiple risk factors — never just bullying alone. If a young person who is being bullied sees a news headline that reads “Bullied to Death,” they may equate the two and think that because they are being bullied the next step for them is to commit suicide. In order to correct this mentality among bullied teenagers across America, it is important that we phase out the term “bullycide.”

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