Introduction: What is Cyberbullying?

Introduction: What is Cyberbullying?

With the advent and increasingly prevalent use of technology, the lifestyles of adolescents have changed dramatically relative to the lifestyles of those in previous generations. While some of these changes have been for the better, increased web presence has its dangers as well.

Cyberbullying differs from the more traditional concept of bullying in that youth are targeted online, and thus, often through a less visible medium. However, the devastating effects of cyberbullying are just as significant as those of “traditional” bullying, and it is important to be informed and aware of instances of cyberbullying.

End Cyberbullying exists to educate youth, parents, and educators on the signs, preventative measures, and harms of cyberbullying in today’s Internet-entrenched world. Here, we seek to provide you with the necessary tools and information that will help you effectively approach the growing issue and consequences of cyberbullying.

Note that while cyberbullying can affect people of all ages, the information on this website seeks to aid a target demographic – teenagers, aged 12-18 – because we believe this is the group that will benefit the most from increased awareness, resources, and information on the topic. However, most of the information we provide on this site can easily be applied to situations involving older, or even younger, individuals, and we strongly urge you to do so should the need arise.

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ETCB is a rapidly expanding organization, and as such we welcome questions about the company and most importantly, about cyber bullying. Whether you are personally being cyberbullied or you know someone who is being cyberbullied, please feel free to contact us in the form below and we will be sure to provide further assistance. Also, if you are in need of any further information about our organization, such as how can you participate or how can you make a difference, leave a message below and ETCB will respond as soon as possible.

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