A motion was introduced in the King County Council  to study the impact of cyber bullying in the area. The motion calls on the King County Sheriff’s Office to transmit a report on cyber bullying in unincorporated King County, Washington. The report will include the annual number and status of investigations that are associated with cyber bullying in unincorporated King County and compare those numbers to national trends.

Council member Reagan Dunn, who introduced the motion, said a study would help the King County Sheriff’s Office find the best ways to prevent it. The report will also include King County Sheriff Office’s approach toward the investigation and prevention of cyber bullying. The motion directs the Sheriff’s Office to investigate if additional resources for training should be made available to support investigations of cyber bullying in unincorporated King County.

The motion was supported by King County Sheriff Steve Strachan. “As we progress and become more dependent on internet-based communication, a cyber bully can target a senior citizen as easily as a young teen,” he said in a press release statement. “We need to better understand the criminal environment and trends in King County.”

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