Last month, Alyssa Funke, a student at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, committed suicide after being merciless harassed for her appearance in an amateur porn film. Police say that no one will be charged for bullying or harassment.

She was 19-years old, and a straight-A student who aspired to become an anesthesiologist.

A few days after the video was posted online, former classmates from Stillwater High School in Minnesota discovered the video and began sending abusive messages through social media including Twitter and Facebook.

“Wow your a thot,” a student tweeted at her. Another wrote, “Nothing brings a school together like a porn star who graduated last year.”

These seemingly harmless criticisms evidently impacted Funke significantly and resulted in a tragic loss. On April 16, Funke took her own life at a boat landing on Big Carnelia Lake, 9 miles from her high school in Oak Park Heights.

Funke’s family believes that cyberbullying played a significant role in her decision to take her own life. The investigation is ongoing as police look to determine the status of harassment in the case.

It is essential to be aware of your own privacy in an age where information can be transferred so quickly. This story also shows the impact of phrases and taunts sent on the Internet.