A 16-year-old student at Colaiste Choilm School in Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland has been left traumatized by an internet abuse campaign. The campaign began as a series of comments posted on the Facebook page ‘Colaiste Choilm memes’. Initially the comments were light-hearted and mainly poked fun at teachers and celebrities. However, the tone soon became darker and was directed directly against the girl. She was made aware of the posts by a friend and dismissed them by commenting “That is just sad…you are actually so sad” on the page. Her dismissal did nothing to stem the abuse; the girl begged for the posts to be removed, but this unleashed a torrent of crude sexual references believed to have been posted by teenage boys.

The school was informed of the incident and the page has since been removed at the school’s request. Efforts are apparently being made to track down whoever set up the page and those who posted the offensive comments. The girl’s family have declined to comment further on the matter, though the school Principle Michelle Sliney has said the incident has been taken very seriously and the student was being given every possible support.

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